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Getting dragged out of church by your ear is never easy. Especially when you’re the preacher’s kid.

For thirteen-year-old Titus Rich, trouble seems inevitable, but when a broken chair leads to a mystery from the past, he strives to redeem himself. With his siblings’ help, Titus sets out to find answers, but someone in the church doesn’t want them finding the truth. How far is that someone willing to go to stop them? Can Titus establish the PK Detectives without getting kicked out of church for good?

Freedom's Captive

Young Adult Historical

A father's debt . . . A brother's failure . . . And the wrong sister. Lord DeWilt already had everything. Everything but his name. And he’s back for that. Can God’s freedom shine in even the darkest of nights? Can two brothers be united after years of betrayal?

       "Do you think they'll blame me?" one of the elderly Martin sisters asked. "I mean, it's my fudge that killed the man."
      "'It's our fudge!" Auntie Bertha cut in. "And of course, they'll blame us." 
        For the elderly Martin sisters, ex-officer Alec, and college drama queen Zandra, Christmas in Middle Ridge has never been so exciting . . . or so deadly.  Will the meaning of Christmas be remembered, or will they all spend a merry Christmas behind bars?

(Recommended for ages 10-16)

There's nothing like spending the summer with a granpa that you don't remember ever meeting . . . Especially when he's murdered the day you arrive. 
It's been ten years since Ty Carson's policeman dad was killed in the small town of Graveyard Bend, and Ty hadn't been back since. Until now.
Stuck at a boys' home, fourteen-year-old Ty Carson searches for clues to the alleged murder. From baseball, to strange neighbors and a Christmas play gone wrong, there's never a dull moment.
(Young Adult Fiction)

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         A missing airplane . . . Hostile tribes . . . Mysterious kidnappings . . . 
Responsibility falls upon twenty-one-year-old William Rodriguez when his missionary parents disappear in the hostile jungles of Columbia. Willie knows that he has to go find them, but what will it cost him? When his dreams and his very life are on the line, Willie doesn’t know whom to trust. Will he be able to overcome his past mistakes and the present failure that seems set on destroying his mission? 
       When Willie finds himself in the midst of a drug smuggling ring, difficult decisions are thrust upon him. Can he escape his captors before his family is killed? Can he find forgiveness in his heart for the very people who ruined his life or will it only bring back more painful memories? Will he be able to survive the mission of a lifetime?

Inch By Inch - Writing's a Cinch

A unit study for beginning writers! This workbook can be purchased from

(Recommended for ages 7-12)

Mystery in the Corn Maze by [Krahn, Priscilla]

It was just a normal afternoon for twelve year old Leah Brink until something strange happened at the corn maze next door. Along with her two friends, Leah charges head first into a race against time. Can they find the vandal before it's too late for the maze, and for them?

The Adventures of Amy Series
(Recommended for ages 12-15)

A family she didn't know, dangers she couldn't imagine, and a past she couldn't ignore. Join Amy as the mysteries unfold and she seeks to find the truth about God, her father, the mad surgeon, and herself.

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